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These bagels are no joke. The name “comfort” is spot on!

You read all the reviews and you expect a lot. Expectations were met and then some! They were fresh, delicious and oh so satisfying!

These bagels are unreal. Absolutely delicious and worth the wait!

We got our delivery this morning and it is the BEST BAGEL I have ever eaten!!!

Got my first bagels delivered yesterday. I took one look at them (and a good sniff) and went straight to the website to order more! 

The only thing better than a fresh, delicious bagel on a Sunday morning is a fresh, delicious bagel being delivered to your door! Our first order was amazing and we can’t wait to order again!

I received my first order today and they are exceptional! I am originally from upstate NY where bagels are quite notable and your bagels are definitely right up there with the best!

Insanely good!! Perfect mix of soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Can’t wait to get my next order!!

These are AMAZING. I absolutely love supporting local, but the fact that these are such great quality makes it that much better. Thank you so much for making these great bagels!