Now taking online pre-orders for Thursday, Oct 6 through Sunday, Oct 9. See below for this week's bagel flavors. (Please note we will be closing at 11:30am on Sat, 10/8).
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What is a cottage bakery?

As a cottage bakery, we run our small bagel business out of our home. Most states allow for this but each has its own laws governing how a retail kitchen must be operated and what food items can be prepared. In Massachusetts, a cottage bakery is limited to non-perishable food items, i.e. baked goods but unfortunately, does not allow for homemade spreads of any kind. This is why we can only offer you prepackaged cream cheese with your order.

Before starting Comfort Bagel, we were required to obtain ServSafe Food Safety Manager certification as well as Allergen Awareness training. After successful completion of these courses, our residential kitchen was then inspected and permitted by the West Springfield board of health.

We share this information so that you know how important food safety is to us and that we operate our retail kitchen in much the same way as a brick and mortar food establishment.

What IS different from a larger establishment is that every one of our bagels has been made in small batches and with our own hands – from the creation of the levain, to the mixing, kneading and shaping of the dough, to the boiling and baking of the finished product.

With our small cottage bakery, we hope to foster community in sharing with you what we regard as the ultimate comfort food…

Delectable, crackly, chewy bagels, of course.